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Mississippi Valley Equipment Company is proud to offer MKT's vibratory hammer line, the most rugged, hardworking and reliable vibratory hammers on the marketplace. With hammers ranging from 25 tons - 80 tons of driving force we've got the right size  hammer for your project.

Featured Products

MKT Crane Hung Vibratory Hammers



MKT continues to be the leader in lifetime value and total cost performance with each of its Vibratory Pile Driver/Extractor systems. From the lightweight V-1 to the extra heavy-duty V-52 (201 tons of driving force), each MKT System provides outstanding driving and extracting performance for the many foundation construction scenarios that call for nonbearing piling. We offer the best combination of hydraulic horsepower, frequency and total weight.
  • ENHANCED ROI - MKT has the only hammer on the market with the ability to go from crane hung to excavator mount enhancing the products ROI.
  • VERSITILITY - Our bolt on side clamp and other attachments allow for driving multiple pile types with one hammer.
  • SERVICABILITY - Bolt on attachment allows for easy service should anything go wrong. The user can simply unbolt the attachment and replace it with a new one eliminating down time on the jobsite.
  • DEPENDABILITY - MKT hammers are build in Saint Louis, MO using certified American steel and use the best components in the business including Sun, Rexroth and Parker just to name a few.

Versatile & Adaptable

One Vibro For All of Your Piling Needs

MKT's modular hammer design allows users to bolt on multiple attachments for driving and extracting different pile types. 

Sheet Pile | H-pile | Pipe | Caissons | Vinyl Pile | Timber | Rail 


MKT Crane Hung Vibro Accessories

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